Ultimate Masculinity - Subliminal Music Cycle

A Weekly Cycle of Seven Tracks for Tantric Sound Healing Unleashes Your Sacred Male Sexuality

Subliminal music attracts the desired partners for casual sex or for building long-term relationships

The weekly cycle of seven short tantric meditations for the masculine sexual awakening takes your male charisma and lovemaking performance to the next level. The dedicated subliminal frequencies work on specific properties of healthy male sexuality each day of a week, aligning with the weekly cycles of modern human activity.

The male meditation music course liberates your divine masculinity and facilitates the release of you sacred sexuality. As a result, these miracle frequencies improve your physical male potency and libido, as well as build up the rock-solid sexual self-confidence, turning you into a charismatic seducer and a sexual magnet for women.

One Short Meditation Music Track for Each Day of a Week

The Tantric Sexual Healing for Men Just Takes 12 - 16 Minutes of Listening per Day

Play a dedicated track every day of a week and listen while exercising, practicing yoga or meditating. Or maybe while having your morning coffee or an evening tea. The isochronic and subliminal frequencies for the tantric awakening resonate with male sexual chakras and liberate the divine masculine sexuality. You only have to dedicate 12 – 16 minutes a day in order to fuel your natural masculine libido and charge yourself with irresistible male seducer charisma. The healing frequencies are encoded in the music, same as with my YouTube videos, so they are ear-pleasing.

Monday & Tuesday - Flow Into New Week

The new cycle starts. The tantric sexuality tracks for these two days are calmer and facilitate the energy accumulation for unleashing your seductive charisma later in the week. The subliminals induce the slower vibrations in your Sacral Chakra – the phase when your main sexual energy center sources the primal vital energy from the Root Chakra and accumulates the charge for transmuting the initial earthly potency into the sexual libido and magnetic charisma.

Wednesday & Thursday - Gain The Momentum

The tracks for the middle of the week are more intense. The main function of these subliminal and isochronic frequencies is to increase the production of the testosterone and the masculine juices that raise the energy level and build up the sexual tension in your body. The stimulating tantric vibrations increase the pulsation frequency of your Sacral Chakra and start injecting the sexual hormones in your blood. Normally you start feeling the gradually increasing sexual desire during this phase.

Friday & Saturday - Time for Action!

These two days are the culmination of the weekly sexual cycle. The tracks for this phase are the most intense and facilitate the unleashing of your savage sexual potency after the accumulation phase. The boiling sexual energy radiates around through the pulsation of your aura and turns you into an irresistible seducer – every prospect who happens to be around starts seeing you as a desired sexual partner. Therefor, party hard and don’t hesitate to approach right away when you see the first signs of interest – a glance, a smile of a subtle inviting gesture.

Sunday - Relax & Rejuvenate

The rest day. The day to dedicate to yourself and to your wellness. The Sunday meditation track tunes your body to the frequency of the earth in order to let you ground and restore. Your Root and Sacral Chakras start resonating with the vibrations of the soil and draw the sacred energy of Gaia. The earthly energy flows through your body and feeds the muscles and blood with the potency juices that were spent during the last two days. Lay back, relax and let the healing vibrations of the music prepare you for the upcoming week.

What's in The Package?

The Ultimate Masculinity Meditation Cycle Consists of The Following Files

The tracks are provided in lossless FLAC and high quality MP3 formats. If possible, it is always best to use the FLAC files. If it is not convenient for some reason, you can use the MP3 files. Please note, in order to play the FLAC files you need a FLAC compatible player. I always suggest the VLC Player, which is a free software with a very good sound quality.

You will be able to download all the files on your device for the convenient listening. The offer is not a subscription, it is a one time purchase, the tracks are yours forever. You can use either headphones or speakers for listening to the masculinity subliminal music, the effect is the same.

  • Masculine-01-MON-flow-into-the-week (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 12:25
  • Masculine-02-TUE-accumulate-sexual-momentum (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 16:00
  • Masculine-03-WED-cast-the-sexual-magic (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 12:39
  • Masculine-04-THU-prepare-for-the-action (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 12:57
  • Masculine-05-FRI-fuel-with-chthonic-potency (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 16:00
  • Masculine-06-SAT-keep-on-rocking (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 11:26
  • Masculine-07-SUN-ground-and-restore (.FLAC & .MP3), length: 16:08
  • How-to-use (.PDF) – instructions to using the meditations for the best results

Get The Access to The Instant Download

Let The Ultimate Masculinity Meditations Turn You Into a Male Role Model

All the tracks will be available for downloading right after the payment. The payments are accepted with PayPal. The payment and the file hosting are powered by the Sellfy platform and are 100% secure and reliable, you’ll receive the download link right away.

The ultimate masculinity meditation track package is not available on my YouTube channel and won’t be available anywhere else. Developing and composing the male energy frequency tracks took quite a time and effort. Therefore, I normally charge 450.00 EUR for this package. However, as you are the listener of my music and have downloaded one (or few) of my free meditation tracks, I am offering this package for unbeatable 85.00 EUR (yes, more than 80% off) in order to welcome you to our spiritual community.

Therefor, don’t hesitate and get the ultimate masculinity meditation package that unlocks you primal male sexual powers. Click the button below to join the tribe of the male role models, blessed by the irresistible pagan sexual magnetism.

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*** Legal note: the meditations are the intellectual property of Artur Fisher, the composer, and the Inner Peace Project, the publisher. Copyright, 2023. The purchase only grants the right for personal use. You may not share with another party, sell or distribute any of the tracks by any means. You may not play the tracks during public events, either commercial or non-commercial. You may not use any parts of the tracks or the tracks in full for creating new content.